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The fleet of vehicles serving customers consists of tractors, semi-trailers, tank containers, swap bodies and open tops of the latest generation.

Technological and
cutting-edge units

for transportation by road, rail, and sea

The company fleet consists of over 1,000 cutting edge units, including trucks, semi-trailers, tank containers, swap tanks, and open tops. Vehicles are equipped with GPS as well as tracking and control systems which are integrated to a custom-built TMS. Vehicles are used in European countries and the Mediterranean area.

The increasing focus on sustainability has led to the adoption of low-emission Euro 6 vehicles, LNG-powered vehicles as well as vehicles powered by low-emission fuels (e.g., HVO).

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Types of semi-trailers

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Road transport

Rail transport

Maritime transport

Types of vehicles

Open top

Top-loading open-top containers are covered by tarpaulin and secured with straps. Open-top containers are used for road and rail transportation of bulk dry products.

Road barrel

Tanks are used for road and rail transportation of bulk liquid products, including chemicals.

swap tank

Frame containers are designed for road, rail, and sea transportation of bulk liquid products.

Iso Tank

Tank containers used for the transport of liquid, dangerous and non-hazardous products in bulk, by land (road or rail) and by sea.

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Emergency Contact:
+39 02 90 40 23 00